Hi, welcome to my blog. I would love to tell you more about myself and the service I offer on this platform.

I’m a mom with two girls and an amazing husband. I always had a dream of running my own business.
After high school, I was so determined to start my own business. I hated the thought of working for a boss.
I FIRST tried dressmaking, wanting to create my own fashion label. But, I didn’t realize the amount of money it would take to start a fashion business. I ended up doing makeup instead.

Unfortunately, I had to get a job to pay for makeup school, but it was all part of the journey. Fast forward four years later, I was a full blown makeup artist, fully booked each weekend for a full year, sometimes had two weddings in one day. I was booked for matric dances each year. I even got asked to do makeup for fashion and talent shows, and for ladies that entered in miss beauty ambassadors events.

It was great, but I wasn’t happy anymore after I had my daughters. It was tough being pregnant and breastfeeding while having to go out on sessions that could last for hours, so I quit.

That is when I started looking at opportunities I could do from home and I found network marketing. I was in the beauty side for some while but I completely fell in love with the health and wellness companies. I found a home after being with a health company for almost two years, I did part ways with them, but I was missing the industry but the company wasn’t really a right fit for me. I joined up with Herbalife a company with so much potential to grow my business globally. I’m still in the beauty market as I do love makeup, but my biggest focus will be on growing this oppurtunity as it can give me so much more growth.

I’m happy to say that I’ll be sharing health, beauty and self-care tips on my blog so you should sign up to my mailing list.

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