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By Natasha Smuts

When you think dealing with dry or oily skin is terrible you should try dealing with both at the same time! With dry and oily skin you can pinpoint your problem straight away and it’s much easier to treat because you have one problem. Dealing with both can get tricky, although there are products for combination skin out there, you can’t just use anyone. Some will dry your skin out too much while others give you an oily complexion with loads of breakouts.

So what now, you must wonder? Well, dealing with combination skin most of my life after puberty, I have learned some tips on how to treat it and I’m going to share this secret skincare routine with you.

How do I know that my skin is a combination skin?

So before you just jump in with this secret skincare routine, you first need to look at your skin and make sure you have combination skin.

Here are a few signs:

  1. Your T-zone gets oily throughout the day or even when you wake up.
  2. Your cheeks are dry and flake off like pie crust, this can even happen on your nose or forehead.
  3. You often get breakouts on your temples, near your ears and on your chin.
  4. Your pores are larger next to your nose than the rest of your face and you suffer from blackheads around this part of your face.

What causes combination skin?

Your oil glands aren’t working together, seriously, they all do their own thing and this messes up your skin, giving you dry and oily patches.

The oil glands in you T-zone are workaholics, they just keep on producing sebum (natural moisturizer your skin produce). While the dry patches are the glands that are to lazy and don’t produce enough.

How can you make that combination skin disappear?

To say; “Bye-Bye ” to your combination skin you need to find and use the right products.

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1. Cleanser

When you have combination skin you would rather want to look at a foam cleanser with no alcohol. Soapy cleaners can leave the dry patches on your skin tight and even flake off more and it can also dry out you oily T-zone to much. Also shy away from products containing alcohol as this is also damaging for the dry patches on your skin.

You should be cleansing at least twice a day, morning and noon.

2. Toner

I have read that you should skip on toners and you can if you want to but, I personally use an alcohol-free toner. What I love about toners is that it removes all that dirt build up around your nose and hairline. Just remember like I said when you’re using a toner it should be alcohol-free.

3. exfoliate/ scrub

I use a natural scrub that contains jojoba beads and aloe vera. I only use a scrub at least twice a week, you don’t want to overdo it and irritate your skin. When exfoliating my skin I scrub a bit longer in the T-zone where most of my blackheads are to remove them effectively, the rest of my skin I just lightly go over the skin to get rid of the dead skin cells.

4. Hydration

I get this question a lot, my skin is already oily, now I need to put on more moisturizer?

Well, I know they say; “less is more” in this case, it will be “more is less”. The better you hydrate your skin throughout the night the less oily it will be in the morning. During the night you dehydrate more because your body goes without water for more than 8 hours, so your oil glands work overtime to keep your skin moist, so applying a good quality hydartion cream at night will be super benefitial.

5. Use a Clay mask

But only on oily areas. They absorb excess oil, so it doesn’t get trapped in your pores and give you breakouts. Twice a week is enough to minimize oiliness on your T-zone.

I hope you can find value in these hacks mentioned above and that you’ll very soon kick that combination skin out the door and show him who’s boss. If any of this has helped you now our in the past or if you have some other hot tip to share what you do to handle your combitation skin please leave that in the comments below and remember to share the love by posting this on your favrioute social platform.

XoXo Natasha

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