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By Natasha Smuts

I know the first thing you’ll probably be thinking. “Natasha, you are crazy, there is no way I can fit this in my busy schedule! mornings I grab a muffin and run for the next appointment getting the kids to school on time.”

Well, to you, mom reading this. “Busy lifestyle” is my middle name. I have two busy girls under the age of five, full-time work and this amazing side hustle helping you get fit. I would never make you go jogging early morning or have you commute 1-2 hours to the gym and back. I’m a mom and I get that our 24 hours are limited!

This 30-day breakfast challenge is literally a breakfast on the go. On your way to work, at work, walking your kids to class or standing in a queue paying bills! yes, you are not mistaken, how easy is this.

But… I need to be honest with you

You will have to fit in 20-min cardio exercise within that busy day of yours. I’m gonna talk about being flexible, not yoga flexible but time- flexible, doing your 20min exercise during the day.

Going into this fitness post I must just let you know, I’m just a normal mom that wants to look and feel good, I’m no expert at this and I’m just sharing with you what works for me.

Before we jump in with the combo I have for the breakfast on the go, I’m first going to give you some guidance on that 20 – min cardio exercises you’ve been thinking about now, non-stop.

  1. Flexibility

Okay, so to do this 30-day breakfast challenge you need to be flexible with this 20-min workout every day. Changing your weight is not just a 30-day goal but a lifestyle change that you need to make. Do daily healthy activities in order to uphold your goals and keep them.

Be flexible around your kids. A Good example would be in the bathroom. It is a perfect place to do a few sit-ups, leg-lifts and toilet seat to chair dip. This way your kids can enjoy longer baths.

Feeding your baby in a high chair? Perfect time to do those crunches. Easy to do and I’m sure little one would have so much fun playing peek – a – boo while eating breakfast. Baby has to do tummy time, so no excuse for mom to do some lady push-ups and plank.

These are only a few examples you can do to get that workout so get creative.

Find a mom friend

2. Fitness is better in numbers

Getting someone to do this 30-day breakfast challenge with you. It will be a great way of staying motivated and complete the challenge more successful.

What makes it even better is for your partner to join in. Why this be a great example for your kids to grow-up more healthy and look after their body much better.


You get three different products in this combo, they are all liquids you can mix with water or milk.

Frist on is our Formula 1 shake that comes in a lot of different flavors. Packed with essentials nutrition your body needs, this shake has combined soy protein with plant-based carbohydrates, important vitamins, minerals, and added botanicals and herbs.

Herbal tea is next on our list because to much sugar and caffeine can give you a rush. Sugar rush can leave you tired with a massive headache. Rather replace with our herbal tea that is soft on the digestive system and gives your body a good clean out.

Not staying hydrated can leave you tired and moody, I know not all of us enjoy water so this refreshing aloe concentrated drink is perfect for you. This drink helps with the bloated feeling you have all day. It gets rid of all that nasty toxin build up in your digestive system, making it easy for your body to absorb nutrition from new foods, making you feel more energized and fuller for longer.

So if you are ready for this breakfast challenge head on over to my page and send me a message so that we can place your order today!

If you have a friend in need that’s looking for her answer to restoring her body share this post with her.

OxOx Natasha

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