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By Natasha Smuts

If you are regretting being spontaneous by cutting off your hair and now wish you could turn back time, you need to keep reading this post because I’m going to tell you how to grow that hair back naturally!

Can your hair grow faster than normally?

It all comes down to your genetic routes if you have a family history of having long thick hair the chances are pretty good that you will have it too. It also depends on how good your hair folic grows, the healthier your hair follicles are the faster and thicker they will grow, but like any body part, it all depends on where you come from once again.

So the answer to this question can your hair grow faster? no, it all comes down to you family tree of uncle’s and aunts having fast growing hair but don’t let this discarge you from reading any futhur.

Just because your hair isn’t growing faster doesn’t mean you can’t find a natural way to help with the growth and keep it healthy, shiny and strong.

So how can I improve the health of my hair to make it grow naturally?

Expert: Francesca Fusco, M.D., a dermatologist based in New York City says the following in her studies;

“To promote optimal hair growth, she says you have to “feed” the hair from the inside and the outside. “Proper diet, which includes adequate protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and B vitamins, is essential. I have been seeing many patients who have switched to vegan diets or are on extended fasts and experienced increased shedding due to inadequate protein intake.”

“Feeding from the outside” means using shampoos and conditioners that target the scalp, as well as hydrate the hair. “You wouldn’t use just any soap for your face, and the same applies to hair,” says Fusco. “

Cutting your hair regularly is that true or a myth?

Fusco says it’s a myth.
 “Since haircuts trim the ends, they can’t target growth at the scalp—but they will make hair look healthier and thicker as you grow it out. “

So how can my hair grow naturally?

There is a couple of ways you can improve the health of your hair. So that you don’t have to cut it because of breakage. Remember to read up untill the end because I have a few products that will help you with this!


Breakage is a major factor to hair not growing properly, and keeping them tied up until they grow out is a major no go. Keeping your hair tied up will increase breakage and end up having to cut it more frequently meaning you’ll not get that desired long hair you want.


Just like skin, hair is different in each way. You need to really look at your hair and decide on what products you are going to use so that you don’t dry out your hair.


Excessive, daily use of heat styling tools like curling irons, blow dryers, and flat irons can cause breakage. This happens when the heat from these stylers penetrates the hair shaft. That heat drys out your hair making it brittle and therefore more prone to breakage.

I personally try to avoid heat in the summer.


It’s important to drink daily multivitamin to boost your hair from the inside, using the best shampoo and conditioner on the market can be great, but it won’t slove the problem from the inside. Poor diet and eating habits lead to breakage and hair loss. drinking omega 3, folic acid and eating high protein food will increase the health of your hair and even improve the growth.


In addition to heating tools, your comb, brush, and towel can also be key contributors to the hair breakage you’re experiencing. All of these items, especially when used excessively, put stress and strain on your hair strands making them more likely to break.

Here are some things you can do instead

  • Stop combing your hair every day, rather comb through your hair with your fingers. For the times when you need to use a comb use a seamless one which is gentler on your hair. 
  • Pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it in your towel, you can also wrap your hair in a towel till it is damp or dry.
  • Don’t brush your hair when it’s dripping wet or bone dry. Instead, use it on damp hair and limit the number of times you use your brush.

To the future of healthy hair! if you enjoyed this post and feel that you need to share it, feel free to share it to your favorite social platfom.

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XxX Natasha

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