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By Natasha Smuts

If you live in South Africa like me, you would know that our summer is spent at the beach and swimming pools, catching that summer tan.

Going on a beach holiday I know how important it is for a woman to look good in her own skin so I’m here to share with you my hacks to having great looking skin this holiday.

You need to: Cleanse day and night

Regardless of what you do, if you are in a hotel all day or at the beach on your holiday you need to stick to the routine of cleansing twice a day. Even if your face feels clean the next morning, bacteria and germs are on there that is not visible to the naked eye. 

I know Some will disagree with me on this tip, try to justify that washing our face is only applicable if we are wearing makeup or have been out the entire day. Sebum, bacteria, dirt, sweat and consequential pore clogging, dullness, oiliness is a viscous circle that happens even if we are indoors and not wearing a hint of makeup. I have seen a major improvement in my own skin since I started cleansing twice a day!

Wear Sunscreen daily

I see so many women make the mistake of not wearing sunscreen because they want to have that golden sun-kissed tan, but listen honey you’re not only getting that gorgeous sun-tan you’re looking for, you’re also getting the following problems along with it.

Freckles and sunspots, Even though you are getting that sun-kissed tan, you are also adding freckles and sunspots that will later in life control your skin. By wearing sunscreen daily you’ll prevent longterm use of even skin tone cremes and moisturizers.

Wrinkles, sun rays have a super drying effect on your skin and will cause you to get wrinkles that you can’t turn the clock back on accept if you do a little bit of a nip and tuck.

Rather look at a safer option like a natural self tanning lotion to look gorgeous on the beach with that new two piece swimsuit. 

Keep your skin moisturized

Even if your skin doesn’t feel dry you still need to make sure you moisturize it as often as you can. When on holiday we often forget to stay hydrated in the sun and this can lead to dull skin. 
If you already have sun damaged skin or breakouts using products loaded with antioxidants will not only protect our skin from further damage, but it will also help to reverse it gradually.

Use a good Body scrub

For a natural-looking glow, you need to get rid of that dead skin cells that make your skin look dull and ashy. A body scrub will also help unclog pores on your neck, shoulders, back and but cheeks preventing sweat breakouts of being in the hot summer sun.

A good scrub will also minimize big pores, soften up your feet and minimize ingrown hairs around your bikini line and of course the bonus of having a nice even skin tone from your face all the way down to your toes.

I’m here to help you look great this summer with some awesome affordable aloe skin range.

Have flawless skin this holiday

Your herbal skin care:

Aloe soothing gel: Leaves your skin soft and elastic afterwards. This is a perfect product to apply before and after your skin is exposed in the sun. Fragrance-free formula.

Aloe hand and body lotion; With the sun beating down on us and the ocean saltwater drying out our skin we need to keep in moisturized. Our aloe hand and body lotion does just that. Clinically proven to moisturize the skin deep into the deepest layer of the skin, keeping the skin soft and plump all day long.

Aloe facial/body bar:After a long day you want to wash off all that salt and sea sand. Our Aloe bar is just what you need to get your skin soft and moisturized without stripping it from its natural oils.

Aloe liquid body wash: If you don’t like soap bar we have a shower gel available for you. you would want a even looking skin that is glowing with radiance, then this shower gel is a must! It is moisturizing from deepest layer of the skin.

To purchase any of these products just like HERE to visit my [age and send me a message to place your order.

Well other than having beautiful flawless skin for the summer holiday, you should have a happy merry Christmas and stay safe on the road when driving to your destination.


XxX Natasha

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