Free crochet baby blanket patterns

I’m busy creating a baby blanket for a little boy and I thought I would take the time to share with you some of my favorite free patterns.

Baby blankets come in all shape and sizes and it doesn’t really matter what crochet stitch you use, as long as your projects turns out to be a square you’ve done a great job.

Free crochet pattern

Dragon fly crochet baby blanket

I took a look at the pattern before I shared it on here and it’s pretty easy to follow. Like old fashion granny square, once you finished the first row you can continue without having to read the pattern.

Get free pattern HERE.

Free pattern

Cloudberry hexagon Blanket

Okay, So I said you are good as long as your blanket ends up in a square. It was till I found this cute hexagon blanket from Mijo Crochet. 

Follow link HERE, it is written in two languages one of them is english.

free crochet pattern

When sharing free crochet baby blanket patterns, I always make sure I add the square block blankets, they are so beautiful and this one here is sure to keep baby warm during the winter!

crochet pink gingham blanket

You can find this free crochet baby blanket patterns like right HERE, snoop around her blog she has loads more to offer.

I couldn’t leave this post without some granny square blankets!

Free pattern

Yellow daisy Granny square

I made a few of them in the past and they can turn out to be the most beautiful blanket you’ve seen.

Click HERE to find the free pattern.

classic granny square

Free Crochet pattern to classic granny square

I’m currently busy with the classic granny square blanket.

I found this simple pattern to show you how it’s done! Just noticed that some who crochet granny squares turn their work with each new row others don’t. It all comes done to your taste.

Click HERE to get the pattern.

Hope you found this blog post enjoyable. Please leave a comment below if you went ahead and made any of these.

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