Found my crochet niche

I found my crochet niche and I think you will all love it!

So about three weeks ago I decided to start my own business. I’ve been in network marketing for 11 years and I thought it was high time to call it quits. I never knew why I couldn’t succeed in network marketing until I realized that I hated it. I hated the fact that I have to convince other people to make a success out of their lives so that I can earn more money.

Deciding finally to take the leap and start my own crafting business and I can only be grateful for the sudden leap of growth it has from the get-go.

Starting out taking a free online Etsy shop course I and learned tons of valuable things on how to grow my craft business. The first thing that I learned is that I can’t do EVERYTHING… I had to narrow my niche down to one or two things meaning, I can’t crochet hats, blankets, jerseys, toys and so on.

I have to become known for something I specialize in.

Granny squares

I just love the old fashion granny square and you can make beautiful blankets with just the right colour combinations. I can scroll for hours through Instagram and look at all the beautiful squares.


This caught my eye from the first time I saw it on Pinterest. I never knew that some people actually make an income out of creating cute appliques and just like granny squares they are addictive!

Granny squares and appliques make a good combination…

So there you have it, my crochet nuche for the future. I’m so excited to grow this business!

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