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What started out as a simple request from one client, blew up into a wild frenzy!

Are you a photographer that specializes in taking photos of babies and toddlers? Or a stay at home- or working mom that loves to take photos of your babies?

If you are what I asked in the questions above, you might sometimes want to scream blue murder or just hold your breath because you have this one problem that can make or break that perfect photo. KIDS NOT LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!

As a former photographer I know, nothing more frustrating than not having one photo where the kids look at you! I felt the disappointment before. Having to give parents family photos and the kids looked all over the place except for in front of them looking at the lens. I do realize that the more natural the poses are the better, but I would be pretty upset if I got my photos and all I saw was the back of my kids’ head.



Camera buddies, are made from yarn, felt or material. You attach it around the front of your camera lens. They can be anything from owls, frogs, monsters, or rabbits. I’m a crocheter, all the camera buddies I make are made out of yarn. You can follow my Facebook page “YARN OVER WITH NATASHA” 

Their job is to keep the kids interested in the camera and actually look at the camera instead of other things around them. I have two girls and wish I had this idea when they were smaller or even better when I still did photography!


Testing the camera buddies and my review!

Today I tested out the buddies to see how effective they truly are and I was amazed at how much this little critter enjoyed it. Aria just woke up from a nap. I’m a mom myself so I know kids are usually not in the mood to pose and be in front of the camera, but Aria lit up when she saw the “froggy” and “yellow monster”, later realizing it is a lion, “Roar Tannie!”

“Mommy smile”

She looked at the camera every time we wanted to take a photo and of course she wanted to take photos of her mom. Aria’s Mom had to look at the little lion. The photo session was more relaxed and it didn’t take much convincing for her to smile and look at the camera.


Head over to my page on facebook and you’re welcome to inbox me. Going at R65 each (postage excluded) you can order up to 3 at a time. I can currently only supply to people in South Africa.

you can find my page on this blog or follow this link “YARN OVER WITH NATASHA”

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